Christopher L. McAllister, I
President, digiClique IA (Independent Artists & Labels) Chief Operating Officer
New York, NY 

Mr. McAllister has more than 20 years in the music industry as a musician, writer, performer, arranger, producer, and manager. He oversees the division of digiClique responsible for recruiting, developing, and communicating technology business strategies which help today’s rising Independent Artists bridge the gap between their music and the future of the music industry. He directs digiClique IA from his base in Manhattan, New York. 

A graduate of Duke University he was also co-founder and former CEO of WWC, Inc., a global integration and information privacy company. He has almost 15 years in Global Enterprise Security and Information Technology Infrastructure. With privileged federal credentials he has extensive experience in information protection as well as developing classified technical architectures for the governments of the United States, Russia, Canada, and other international entities. His background includes experience establishing data, physical, and regulatory security policy in the United States, Canada, the European Union, South America, and other nations. Throughout his career in technology and music he has been a recognized and published authority, speaker, and adviser on information protection, technology and music career strategy development, musician and artist development, and business impact analysis and planning. On September 11th, 2003 he spoke at the United Nations global headquarters in New York City on how to best prepare and defend against technology and physical security threats and the challenges facing global organizations since September 11th



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